I wanna be a lawmaker: legislation for kids

Do you know how a bill becomes a law? In this course, kids write their own bills, which they then take through the American legislative system. Kids are encouraged to become active citizens in Democracy. Also, they campaign, learn about political platforms and even vote in a mock election.  For older age groups, there is a mock legislative session complete with parliamentary procedure.

Created by Bailee Wilson


Brain science is a great subject for curious young learners to explore and a great way for students to being exploring the scientific and medical field. This brain science course includes an interactive lesson about the brain that will spark the curiosity in young learners.

Created by Kylie Fuller

Earth Science






Structures, planes and falling bridges: Engineering for kids

Nature is all around us and plays an irreplaceable part in our daily lives. Yet, how does the environment affect us and how do we affect it? In the Earth Science program, children will learn how natural systems work, explore local environments, study the ways we utilize the earth, consequences humans have on it, and ways that even kids can go green. Our goal is to show students the marvels of the natural world in a fun, engaging, and interactive way so that they can learn to love, respect, and care about the earth with the power of education.

Created by Jade Hebbert and Wiley Allen


In this course, kids create their own organization, business or non-profit. We try to simulate the basics of what it takes to an Entrepreneurship such as selling a product or idea. They learn the basics of marketing by creating signs, flyers and other promotional material. As well as networking, with a mock networking event where kids are taught to pitch there idea to each other and what it means to form a professional relationship. 


This hands-on experience walks kids through the composition of blood. Explains the circulatory system and how it interacts with our body. 

Created by Tyler Hagwood


Buildings, roads and bridges, engineering is all around us. Kids put there creative juices to use when they design and build there own bridges. The old-fashioned paper air-plane contest is modernized when kids are asked to use various types of materials to craft a flying object. This course also includes a less on building structures and a competitive tower building contest.
 Created by Joey Portillo