Send Texas Teens Teach to Toronto

Image from the Digital Citizenship Ins

Image from the Digital Citizenship Ins

What is the Digcit summit, Toronto?

β€œThe DigCit Summit provides the ideal gathering space for national and international Digital Citizenship influencers. The meeting format will be different than the usual conference. We will create conversations about concepts and opportunities with a goal toward cultural change. The Summit will foster cross-sector collaboration around Positive DigCit. The purpose of the additional free events is to involve not only the attendees but also the public/community.”

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Why we want to go

Last April, our two founders along with 4 other board members were given the opportunity to speak at the Texas Social Media Conference about the vitality of returning humanity to technology and further advocate for digital citizenship among all generations. It was through the unique insight and connections of other educators at the conference, that TTT has received another opportunity to spread their vision and aspiration for the use technology and influential student voice at an international conference, known as the DigCit Summit in Toronto, Canada. There, we will be given the opportunity to continue the ongoing conversation of humanity in technology and its relation to education as well as establish an international digital footprint that would positively impact children and adults from every generation, culture, and background. Yet, as a non-profit dedicated to providing free access to our programs, we lack funding to pay for this incredible opportunity. Thus, we turn to you. Every amount will help us reach our goal and in the event that we are either unable to find funding or exceed our goal, any remaining donations will go straight back into the program, into communities, and into education. 


We currently have a GoFundMe page and are gracious to any fiscal support we receive.

We are also looking for sponsors and would love to present to your organization or business. For all of our sponsors we will be broadcasting you on our website, putting your logo on a t-shirt as well as throwing a celebratory thank you event. If you are interested, please contact Tyler Hagwood at 817-230-9358.

If we do not raise enough money to attend the Toronto summit or if we raise over our goal. We will put that money right back into Texas Teens Teach and buying materials and expanding farther into the DFW area.